Wholesale Policy

Wholesale Policy

NotyNotyToys believes in helping its customers in making an informed choice. Therefore, the following sections deal with our wholesale policy at NotyNotyToys. It might be of interest to you if you are planning to deal with us. For any sort of queries, please feel free to reach out to us via the mentioned email id and contact number. We would be glad to address your concerns.

1. Placement of Orders

The minimum wholesale purchase amount should be up to the market standards. All products & pricing are subject to change & seasonal availability. One is requested to keep the above mentioned ordering policy in mind before dealing with us. It would help both the parties involved in establishing a good and cordial working relationship.

2. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a streamlined form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. Yes, this is exactly what we are involved in. We offer you drop shipping while providing you with an affiliate coupon code. Moreover, we felt that it would be important for you to know that billing would be done every month. This piece of information should come in handy when you decide to deal with us at NotyNotyToys.

3. Mode of Payment

We at NotyNotyToys primarily offer our customers two modes of payment while shopping or dealing with us. The portal – NotyNotyToys accepts all sorts of major credit and debit cards. We also accept payment transfers via net banking. You can also choose for Cash on Delivery as well. We have always believed in the idea of giving choices to our customers. Therefore, it is for you to decide which mode of payment is more comfortable while dealing with us. Please feel free to choose any of the mentioned modes of payment while fetching the best of what you would truly want to purchase.

4. Selling Policy

NotyNotyToys does not endorse any sort of advertisement that projects its products to be of lesser value than mentioned on its authentic site. Each of the available products is only sold at the prices mentioned on our portal. This is done to avoid all sorts of confusion while helping you buy the best products in the market with us at NotyNotyToys. Our products should not be re-sold to other wholesalers for retail purposes. One must also not try to sell our products to any kind of in store or wholesale or discounts outlets.

5. Cancellation Policy

We at NotyNotyToys do our best to deliver you the order in the shortest time possible. Although we usually ship the products within 4 business days. Due to our quick delivery mechanism, the window offered to cancel orders is somewhat very short and realistic. Therefore, if you manage to put in a request to cancel your order before we process your order, we would be more than happy to cancel your order, but once the order has been processed, we would no longer be able to entertain your requests.

6. Changes in Order

We do not believe in misleading our customers. Therefore, you must know that we would not be able to entertain any sort of requests for changes in your orders after purchase. Therefore, you are requested to carefully review your order before placing it with us at NotyNotyToys.

7. Different Shipping Addresses

We at NotyNotyToys only ship to the provided shipping address and thus cannot ship your order to different shipping addresses., Although if you would like your order to be shipped to different shipping addresses, then you are requested to place an order for each shipping address. This will help you get your order shipped to the desired location.

8. Returns and Exchanges

Our customers need to note that all the wholesale orders placed with us are final. Therefore, none of it can be returned or exchanged. Thus you are requested to be extremely certain before placing an order.

9. Returned Mail

It is significant for our customers to note that if the package is returned due to the inappropriate address being provided to us, we would not be responsible for re-shipping. We would contact the buyer for the appropriate address. Moreover, handling charges ought to be repaid before we ship it again. Hence, you are requested to be careful while providing us with the shipping address.

10. Damaged Items/Order Errors

Despite the fact that each product is inspected in order to ensure quality standards before shipping, there remains a slight possibility for you to receive a damaged item. In addition to it, there is always scope for improvement, as long as the process remains human driven. Therefore, it is imperative on your part to open and inspect your products in the shortest time possible, once you receive them.

Upon finding your products damaged or not as per your expectations, you are requested to notify us within a span of 5 business days of receiving the package. You are hereby requested to contact us within the stipulated time frame as we would not be entertaining your concerns post the stipulated period of time.

11. Damaged Replacements

We at NotyNotyToys prioritise customer satisfaction. Thus once we are notified of any sort of unsought situations, arising out of the quality of products that you have received, we will leave no stone unturned to get it right. Although this is to state that we would not be extending discounts in such circumstances. Therefore, one must not come up with such propositions.

12. Discounts

NotyNotyToys provides reduced prices to its retail customers. Although discounts or special prices cannot be availed by wholesale buyers. Therefore, a wholesale buyer cannot put coupon codes to use in order to fetch the desired products at a reduced price. These offers do not apply to wholesale orders placed at NotyNotyToys. More importantly, any sort of violation of our wholesale policy could result in your account termination. Thus you are advised against any kind of unsought misadventure while dealing with us at NotyNotyToys. This will certainly help build a great working relationship with you in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Can you have my order shipped to multiple addresses?

A- We only ship to the shipping address provided to us. Therefore, we cannot ship to different or multiple addresses. Although if you wish to get your order delivered to various addresses, we would request you to place an order for each shipping address. This would help you get your order delivered to different locations.

Q- Can I use your pictures to promote the products through my social media accounts?

A- Yes, you can definitely use our pictures to promote the products. Although we would advise you against altering the images. Moreover, we would really appreciate it if you could link it to our portal – NotyNotyToys.

Note: In case of further inquiries related to wholesale process and policy, please feel free to reach out to us. E-mail id and contact numbers have been mentioned throughout the portal – NotyNotyToys. We would be glad to help you out!