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Hello, India! NotyNotyToys is the one stop destination to buy high quality adult vibrators for women for a sensational orgasmic session. Have you been wanting your game in bed for long? Or have you not been able to give your best while being with your partner? Or if your partner has not been able to provide you with a fabulous experience within the four walls of your bedroom. It barely matters what kind of sexual hassle you have or might be facing in your life. All that matters is that it has to be sexual in nature. And when it is sexual in nature, NotyNotyToys is the portal that is bound to bail you out of the crisis. Yes, we are definitely the name you can always trust to make great things happen to you. 

Furthermore, we are glad to break this out to you that we deliver you your share of sex solutions in the form of adult products and sex toys in India in a very discreet manner. Yes, we know that is a massive relief for you. 

What are the types of Vibrators in India?

There are multiple types of vibrators in India. And here are we trying to offer you all of the at your favourite portal to buy sex toys and adult products from. Yes, NotyNotyToys has always believed in offering you some of the finest Vibrators in India. In the following section, we are going to discuss each and every kind of vibrators available for women in India. You must have a look at the same. 

Realistic Vibrators in India

There is nothing more real than realistic vibrators. Oh, yes! They are unrealistically real. We bet that no other sort of vibrators in India would feel more real while using it. Realistic vibrators usually come with some really fancy yet powerful features in the form of rotation and thrusting settings. We are not sure what you are waiting for? Since we truly believe that realistic vibrators in India are the best you can get your hands on. 

Classic Vibrators in India

Ever thought of stimulating your vagina like you truly own it? Well, if you have then you would love the idea of putting classic vibrators. These classic vibrators are classic in the truest sense of the word. These include G spot as well as Clitoral stimulators. So, are you not excited yet? We are certain that you truly are. Therefore, you must get the best of what you truly deserve. You know where to buy it from. Thus you must fetch classic vibrators in India from us as soon as possible. 

Bullet, Eggs & Mini Vibrators in India


Bullet, Eggs & Mini Vibrators are undoubtedly one of the newest additions to the world of vibrators in India. And believe us, you do not really have to underestimate the 

Bullet, Eggs & Mini Vibrators in India just because of their size since Bullet, Eggs & Mini Vibrators in India are truly as powerful as the big ones. Although Bullet, Eggs & Mini Vibrators provide you with an added advantage of being travel friendly. So, what is preventing you from fetching the best Bullet, Eggs & Mini Vibrators in India. 

Strap on Vibrators in India

Are you looking for something weirdly fun and pleasurable? You could always put Strap on vibrators to some great use. Yes, strap on vibrators are bound to offer you some really thrilling moments with your loved one. Therefore, you should not miss a chance to buy one as soon as possible. 

Luxury Vibrators in India

We at NotyNotyToys have an extensive range of luxury vibrators in India to choose from. Luxury vibrators provide you with all the ease that you require to have the most euphoric experience humanly imagined. These luxury vibrators are genuinely premium in all possible senses of the word. Thus we truly believe that you should add a few luxury vibrators in India in your collection for some effortless sessions.  

Why are Vibrators in India required?

Undoubtedly, Vibrators in India promote sexual wellness. And thus is no reason why one should not invest in vibrators. In addition to this, vibrator in India is a good enough solution to satisfy your own sexual urges. Moreover, there is no brainer that using vibrators could help one lead a sexually active and healthy life. Furthermore, vibrators could also assist you to achieve what could be understood as orgasm equality in the contemporary world. 

Needless to say, these sex toys provide you with ample of feel good factor to deal with your daily life stress and anxiety. And we definitely need not tell about how helpful and magical it could be if you are feeling a bit low. Nothing would satisfy your horniness like vibrators in India. The universal lockdown has definitely damaged the chances of all the lovers around the world to meet their loved ones. Thus vibrators could be effectively put to use to tackle the grave crisis of long distance relationships.  

Since there does not need to be any particular reason at all times, you could always use it to make your share of boredom go away. We truly feel that it could also assist you in getting a great sleep, in case you have not been having great sleep. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the wonderful collection of vibrators in India only at the most trusted portal of India to buy sex toys and adult products in India. And we all know what it is called. Go NotyNotyToys now! 

How to use Vibrators in India?


There are various types of  vibrators for women in India. And thus there is a slight difference in the way the user might face in the way s/he tends to operate a particular vibrator. 

You must take your lovely vibrator in your hand and play with it around your erogenous zones.

If using a strap-on variant, it is important to tie it around your partner’s waist before getting on with it.

Similarly, a vibrating one could be easily used by turning on the vibrator. You may vary the speed and intensity accordingly. In a few of them, remote control might come into play. 

You might want to use compatible lubes before using the sex toy for a smoother experience. 

  • Then, play with it by moving it around your sexually sensitive organs.
  • One can always insert it inside your vagina and anus for maximum stimulation. 
  • Keep continuing the process until you are done. 
  • It is very important to clean your vibrator with a great toy cleaner. 

How to maintain Vibrators in India?

Yes, we know that you would love to use your vibrators for a reasonable period of time. And thus we are here with some of the most easy and simple to floor tips and tricks. These tips and tricks are thus going to help you have a decent time with your vibrators. Without a doubt, you would be able to ensure a longer use of your sex toys by following these measures. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading them today! 

  • One should always carefully read all the instructions mentioned on the box before using the sex toy. 
  • Cleaning your sex toy with a good toy cleaner before and after using your sex toy is a must. 
  • You could use massage oils and other kinds of lubricants while playing with a sex toy for better results.
  • In addition, you should try varying the pace of your exercise to get the desired results.
  • The sex toy must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The adult product should be stored in a totally dry and cool area.

What are the best brands of Vibrators in India?

We at NotyNotyToys have always believed in the idea of sharing the most appropriate pieces of information relating to all sorts of sex solutions available at our portal. Thus we are going to do the same while you decide to shop with us for vibrators in India at NotyNotyToys. There are quite a few great brands of vibrators in India. And thus here, we are certainly going to describe all of them. This is definitely going to help you to make more informed and better choices while looking for Vibrators in India. 

Fifty Shades of Grey, I Fun, B Swish, We Vibe, Satisfyer, Lovense, LILO, Screaming O, SheQu, DND and Neojoy are some of the most sought after brands of vibrators. And thus you can blindly trust the above mentioned brands to provide you with an experience of lifetime everytime you wish and decide to use these. Therefore, the bottom line remains the fact that you could easily explore Fifty Shades of Grey, I Fun, B Swish, We Vibe, Satisfyer, Lovense, LILO, Screaming O, SheQu, DND and Neojoy Vibrators in India. 

Shop for Vibrators in India with us at NotyNotyToys


We have always tried our best to make the entire process of shopping with us for some thing as intimate as adult products and sex toys in India – a very hassle free one. 

NotyNotyToys is quite aware of the kind of issues that could spoil the party, while you are shopping with us at NotyNotyToys. Therefore, we do all it takes to make your shopping experience with us a memorable one. 

Additionally, we have put in place a great team of young and passionate professional sexual well being experts. These are the people who are going to guide you while you get caught in a dilemma. NotyNotyToys is there to take care of all sorts of issues that you tend to face while shopping online. This is precisely because of the fact that we care for you more than everybody else does. Moreover, we would want you to know that this customer care hotline is available and accessible to you 24×7. So, whenever you are in a position of doubt, all you need to do is just in touch with us. So, what are you waiting for? Get some of the finest vibrators for your own self and your loved ones today from us at NotyNotyToys.

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